E-Spano was created to meet the increasing demand for truly professional Spanish voice over talents IN THE corporate e-learning industry


We understand how essential professional, Spanish voiceover has become in the academic, medical, and corporate sectors.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world today trumping English. As a result, high quality Spanish e-learning programs are greater demand than ever before.

Simone Fojgiel has participated in several voice over conferences, recorded numerous courses for Forbes 500 corporations, and acted as advisor and leader of joint projects for multiple corporations. Through these experiences, she came to realize the corporate e-learning market was ready for a solid and revolutionary alternative to unspecialized voice banks.

This is why E-Spano chose to break away from the pack and seek out a team of talented voice over talents who not only believe in our vision, but also maintain the highest standards of excellence linguistically, professionally, and technically. Everyone at E-Spano understands that excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s also requirement. Every day, we express our excellence through our voices, with our experience, and with our dedication to quality. We stand united by our love for a common language.